DragonMeet Marginalised Folk Fund

The DragonMeet Margnalised Folk Fund is raising funds to help marginalised people and/or those experiencing financial hardship to attend DragonMeet 2021.

Through sales of an itch.io games bundle, we aim to raise funds to subsidise transport, accommodation, and other miscellaneous expenses for beneficiaries. For every $250 USD (£183) raised, we will be able to help one person attend DragonMeet who otherwise would have missed out.

Thanks to the generosity of the DragonMeet organisers, we have secured a donation of 20 entry tickets for DragonMeet 2021. These will be provided to beneficiaries, in addition to monetary funds.

About The Organisers

Matt Sanders

Matt (he/him) is a game designer focused on building a more inclusive industry based on sustainable practises that can show people the span of the RPG experience.
His writing focuses on themes of anti-canon, shared storytelling and curating knowledge. Also he likes undead adventures, because skeletons are cool.

Chris Bissette

Chris (they/them) is an ENnie-nominated designer and has published over 20 games. Their solo-journaling RPG The Wretched was one of Tabletop Gaming Magazine's "Best Games of 2020", and has spawned hundreds of games based on its Wretched & Alone engine. Chris's freelance writing includes pieces for The Gauntlet and Hunters Entertainment, among others.


Zach (he/him) is SoulMuppet Publishing, an indie rpg creator specialising in games with big vibes and barely any rules. His hobbies include painting, jazz music and pretending to be a sad cowboy.

Apply For Funding

If you would like to apply to receive funds to help cover your travel and accommodation fees to attend DragonMeet 2021, please click the button below.

Thanks to the generosity of the DragonMeet organisers, we have received a donation of 20 entry tickets which will be included with funds allocated to each beneficiary.


Who can apply for funding?

If you consider yourself marginalised in any way, including race, gender, sexuality, disability, or any other identity, and/or if you are suffering from financial instability and would otherwise be unable to attend DragonMeet, then you are eligible to apply to the Fund.

How are beneficiaries selected?

Beneficiaries will be collated from responses to the form linked above. In the case that there are more beneficiary applications than there are funds available, all applications will then be reviewed by a diverse committee and successful beneficiaries chosen.

What can funds be used for?

Beneficiary funds are intended to help cover your travel, accommodation, and other miscellaneous expenses associated with getting to and attending DragonMeet.